Minimus 777 Pull On

Summary: A great jacket. At 134g it's fantastically lightweight and packable and really comfortable to wear over longer distances

Review Date: 23/03/2017
Price when reviewed: £160.00
Overall Rating: Minimus 777 Pull On scored 4.0 stars
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Fast and light. Two words I am rarely associated with. However, when it comes to running I will take all the help I can get. I had originally acquired the Montane Minimus 777 Pull On for running the OMM light last year but unusually, the weather was so great I didn’t need a waterproof.

It must be a thankless job being a waterproof jacket. Certainly, no one wants to run in one, even in the worst conditions. However, in this country it is an essential; literally so if you are running an FRA affiliated race where a taped jacket is an entry requirement.

Which leads to one of the Minimus 777 Pull On’s best features: its weight – or lack of it. At only 134g it is fantastically lightweight. On those occasions when it isn’t required or you are simply too stubborn to stop, you will be thankful it takes up so little space in your rucksack, whilst also costing very little energy to carry. I packed it down small enough to sit in the drinks pouch of my UD race vest.

Waterproofing and breathability? We need to be realistic. I don’t know about you but I run hot, and I doubt I will ever find a lightweight jacket that doesn’t get slightly damp during a run. I have seen multiple super-light jackets over the years, but would they feel comfortable over longer distances if the weather came in? Probably not.

Therefore, I think a more relevant question is, was it comfortable? Emphatically, yes. Whilst light, its face fabric has enough substance to stop it going clingy when wet from the outside. The Pertex Shield+ is sufficiently waterproof for a jacket of this style, Montane are also keen to point out the micro taping which allows for further breathability.

Internally, having a thin backer makes a big difference to comfort as it takes the edge off any dampness when wearing short sleeves. The small details are often the most important however, and my favourite feature is the elasticated sleeves. Being able to pull them up when the going gets tough definitely improves the all-round comfort.

The fit of the jacket is described as athletic. For the chunkier athlete like myself this could be translated as snug, though this may say more about me than the jacket. A great feature is that they haven’t cut it really short, meaning that when wearing a rucksack it reduces the chance of riding up or it should be a consideration if you are tall (and athletic).

In summary, a great jacket. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it more appealing than some lightweight jackets which are closer to windproofs, certainly if you intend on being out for several hours. It has reflective detailing, which is useful if you find yourself on road sections. And it will pack into its chest pocket, making it neat to store in your pack. But be wary when sizing, they are snug!


  • Barely-there lightweight and packs right down
  • Comfortable for a long day out
  • Push up sleeves!


  • Snug fit

By John Bradley
Shop Manager

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