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If you aren't lucky enough to have passed through Hathersage lately, you may not have had the chance to meet our motley crew. We think they're an amazing bunch of people, and this is where you can find out why.

Between them, Outside's staff have enough home grown expertise to cover bouldering, trad rock climbing, sport climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, hill walking, trekking expeditions and running up (and down) fells and mountains, plus all forms of camping from the car to the bivvy ledge.

They have some amazing stories to tell, and along the way they've also thoroughly tested the best climbing, walking and camping equipment so that you can read their honest opinions right here.

  • Rob Turnbull-Managing Director

    As a child brought up in a family surrounded by climbers and outdoor types, my brother and I were regularly dragged out on long walks and taken climbing with our Mum & Dad. On hitting my teenage years, naturally, I rebelled and got into skateboarding. However, it seems you can’t escape your heritage and eventually I too found myself venturing out into the mountains and hills. Continue reading

  • Chris Harle-The 'Book Man'

    I was brought up in east London on a diet of football but after qualifying as a teacher escaped to South Wales to manage an outdoor centre. Married to Jane (who also works part time for Outside at our Head Office) since 1987 and we have lived in Matlock for 22 years. I love wild camping, our campervan, books and the cafe's raspberry & coconut crumble tray-bakes. Continue reading

  • Tom Richardson-Expedition Specialist

    After a Scottish and Alpine apprenticeship, Tom Richardson began climbing in the Himalaya in 1979. Since that time he has climbed extensively around the world and has been on twice as many trips to the Greater Ranges as his age. This includes 7 expeditions to 8000m peaks across the Himalaya and Karakoram, both leading commercial groups and climbing with friends.

    Continue reading

  • James Turnbull-Director

    Even with my Dad being so keen on climbing, I wasn't bothered as a youth. However something changed when I was about 22, and since then climbing has basically ruled my life and thoughts. I would love to say I'm also into lots of other outdoor activities but in reality, when I'm doing them I just wish I was climbing. I feel extremely lucky to be psyched for all styles of climbing so it never gets dull. Continue reading

  • Simon Kimber-Web Editor

    Brought up in the South West on a diet of simultaneously loose and polished limestone under the wing of trad legend Tony "Big Hair" Penning gave Simon a taste for adventure with some staunch old-fashioned values regarding bolts. Continue reading

  • Sally Turnbull-Company Director

    I have been involved in Outside for 27 years, ever since I spotted the empty shop in Hathersage, and suggested that it would be a good site for an outdoor shop for us! I started climbing when I was 18, having hill walked with my father, then wanted to learn to rock climb at university. Continue reading

  • Nic Bunting-Hathersage Sales

    Jockey Milk Maid Poledancer Ninja
  • Matt Hood-Hathersage Sales

    Matt (or Hood to his friends, enemies and, er, everyone else) is both a figurative and literal giant of a man. An Edale Mountain Rescue member for over 15 years, he has lived in the Peak his whole life and knows its secret nooks and crannies better than most. Continue reading

  • Dick Turnbull-Owner of Outside

    Born 1951, privileged education (Eton etc!), Sociology MSc, University of Surrey, started work at Alpine Sports in 1974, moved to Wild Country in 1983. Moved to the Peak in 1985 with my wife Sally and family of 2 kids, started Outside in 1987 in partnership with Mark Vallance. Continue reading

  • Carrie Tomlinson-Website Manager

    I’ve been climbing short things with equal enthusiasm and ineptitude for nearly twenty years.

    A few of those spent working as an indoor climbing instructor resulted in a brief period of relative fitness, improved technique and the acquisition of a smattering of climbing jargon. Continue reading

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