Snapgate karabiners (also known as carabiners, krabs or biners) for clipping ropes and slings together. Solid gates are usually preferred for sport climbing, and are available in a straight gate for clipping the bolt or a bent gate for clipping the rope to. Wiregates are made from a single piece of stainless steel wire and have a much simpler mechanism. They are lighter than solid gates, so they're ideal for keeping the weight of a large trad or alpine climbing rack down to a minimum. Wiregates won't freeze up when you're ice climbing, and are less prone to gate flutter due to the reduced mass.

We stock a wide range of karabiners from top climbing brands DMM, Wild Country, Black Diamond, Wild Country, Grivel, Edelrid, Metolius and Ocun, with multipacks offering great value for money.

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