Sally Turnbull-Company Director

I have been involved in Outside for 27 years, ever since I spotted the empty shop in Hathersage, and suggested that it would be a good site for an outdoor shop for us! I started climbing when I was 18, having hill walked with my father, then wanted to learn to rock climb at university.A certain Richard Turnbull knocked on my student door in response to my note in the MC pigeon hole…the rest is history…!

I love walking, sailing and music... I don’t climb much now, but did climb Christmas Crack recently to see what all the fuss was about. Favourite walking…Tuolomne Meadows California, Switzerland, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Favourite sailing ..West coast of Scotland and Scandinavia. Favourite concert venues to sing in...Bridgewater Hall, Symphony Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral...with the best choirs in the North of England.

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