Matt Hood-Hathersage Sales

Matt (or Hood to his friends, enemies and, er, everyone else) is both a figurative and literal giant of a man. An Edale Mountain Rescue member for over 15 years, he has lived in the Peak his whole life and knows its secret nooks and crannies better than most. He is one of the founder members of the little known sport of Ultra Short Distance Ultra Running (typically 5-10 miles done really quite slowly). In a vain attempt to look cool he once spent a lot of money buying a mountain board to land surf the hills of the Peak. Photos of him failing miserably are sadly unavailable.

Hood likes:

  • Bear hugs
  • Mid-90s girly pop bands
  • Really really bright head torches
  • Mountain biking
  • Cross country skiing
  • Fly fishing

Hood dislikes:

  • Writing his own bio
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