Dick Turnbull-Owner of Outside

Born 1951, privileged education (Eton etc!), Sociology MSc, University of Surrey, started work at Alpine Sports in 1974, moved to Wild Country in 1983. Moved to the Peak in 1985 with my wife Sally and family of 2 kids, started Outside in 1987 in partnership with Mark Vallance.

Started winter climbing in the Alps in 1980 and spent 2 weeks every year for the next 20 years going to Cham etc. Went to the Himalayas in 1985 and failed on Meru in the Gangotri (but got higher than any other attempt until it was climbed in 2007[?] Started sailing in the 90’s and graduated to a 36ft Najad yacht on which I have sailed to Norway (twice) climbing in the Lofoten, climbing the Priest 4 times and Stetind twice and going on to Spitzbergen in 2011 and having an interesting ice experience! Also sailed to the Baltic and to the Faroe Islands.

  • Main interest: Climbing – all sorts but mainly trad rock, Alpine winter ‘big’ routes, Scottish ice and recently Cascade ice
  • Years of experience: 45 years!
  • Hardest trad route: Great Wall E3/4 6a, Philip-Flamm, Civetta
  • Alpine routes: Eiger ’38 route (winter), Walker Spur (winter 3rd Brit ascent), Matterhorn N face (winter), Dru N Face (winter).
  • Scottish ice: Central Groves VII
  • Cascade Ice: Polar Circus 5, Canada
  • Other interests: Sailing, Walking
  • Favourite route: Eiger ’38 route – best moment of my life
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