Nick Colton: The 1970s - Early Alpine Experiences

Alpine Club Lecture: Nick Colton: The 1970s - Early Alpine Experiences

Outside Café 13th March 2019 19.30

Nick Colton is the Deputy CEO at the BMC. He is best known for the first ascent of two eponymous routes.

Firstly, the Colton-MacIntyre route on the Grandes Jorasses, arguably the next most striking line on the north face – it takes the central couloir to the right of the Walker Spur, with a height gain of 1200m from the bergschrund, straight to the summit. In 1976, Nick and Alex MacIntyre, made the first ascent in Alpine style over two days.

Grande Jorasses - Nick Colton Alpine Club Lecture The Grandes Jorasses is the large peak on the left, with the Colton MacIntyre route visible to the right of the skyline

Secondly, the Colton-Leach route on the west face of the notorious Mount Huntington in central Alaska.

Nick has since red-pointed 8a and won a few veteran climbing competitions.

Alpine Club lectures are free of charge, open to everyone, and since they are held in the Outside Café, refreshments will be available.

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