Over high mountain passes in Tajikistan

Tom Richardson recently led an off-the-beaten-track trip in the little-visited Fann Mountains, camping alongside pristine azure lakes and trekking through rocky valleys and high passes between snow capped 5000 metre peaks. These are a few of the moments he captured on this spectacular trek.

Approaching the Dukdon Pass
On the Dukdon Pass 3810m
A perfect campsite below Saryhodon 4679m
Chatting to the locals before they leave the sunny grazing area for the winter.
The Peaks of Chapdara 5050m
Wild partying for Tajikistan Independence Day
Group below the awesome ice wall of Maria 4970m
The group on the Alaudin Pass 3860m
Camp at Mutny Lake
Dawnlight on Chimtarga
The team on the Mazalat Pass - 4100m with Chimtarga beyond

With thanks to KE Adventure

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