Outside is open!

Outside Shop now open

Tuesday 22nd December - International service suspended

Due to Coronavirus transport impacts our couriers have had to temporarily suspend international services. We are unable to fulfil orders outside the UK at this time. The situation is changing rapidly and we will resume services as soon as possible.

December Update -  We're opening late!

Outside will be open until 19:00 on Thursday 10th and 17th December 2020, for all those who need a bit more time to get their Christmas goodies sorted. See you at the shop!

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Following lockdown 2.0, we're happy to say that Outside is open again. Sadly as we are in a tier 3 area, we're unable to reopen the café just yet, but hopefully it won't be too long before you can order tea, breakfast and homemade cakes with us again.

As always, we have the best customers, staff and our suppliers, who've helped us get through the last few weeks and we are grateful for you all.

We will be operating with the same hygiene and safety measures, which are under constant review, to make sure we're doing everything possible to prevent transmission of Covid-19. James' previous video still applies!

How to get around Outside

Please follow our new one way system – the entrance is from the back door, in the car park.

The one way system is clearly marked throughout the shop with signs every two metres to help you distance yourself from staff and customers.

Hygiene - at the entrance, and all around the shop you'll see hand sanitisers – please use liberally and don't touch your face.

What would you like?

  • If you've already decided what you'd like to buy, why not order it online? We can either send it to you or you can collect it from the shop, using our new Click and Collect service. (We've even put up a shelter by the collection point to stop you getting wet while you wait for us to answer the door!)
  • Alternatively, you can let the member of staff at the door know – they can have your goods ready for you at the till so you can move through the shop swiftly.
  • If you need to browse or try things on, we're set up for that too:
    • Clearly marked, distanced seating that can be swapped and/or cleaned throughout the day.
    • Some areas within the shop, such as the boot room, may be temporarily roped off if they reach safe capacity.
    • If you wish you can email us at [email protected] or call 01433 651936 to reserve a boot fitting slot.

Further health and safety information

Till areas are screened. Only one till in each area will be in use – please be patient if you have to queue.

The changing rooms are closed for now – please try on jackets and tops on the shop floor as necessary.

We cannot guarantee that items on the shop floor have not been picked up or tried on recently by someone else. Again, please use plenty of hand sanitiser and do not touch your face.

All returned items will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to the shop floor.

The Outside cafe will remain closed for the time being.

See you soon!

Assuming there is no change to the current government advice, we will reopen at 11 am (to allow for staff training) on 15th June. We're looking forward to welcoming you all back to Outside. We've missed you.

2 thoughts on “Outside is open!”

  • jonathan hunt
    jonathan hunt 8th June 2020 at 7:01 pm

    great video. so glad you're open again.

  • Neil McAllister
    Neil McAllister 10th June 2020 at 10:39 am

    Great to hear about your readiness to start opening up again, video very reassuring, you guys look really well prepared and are showing fantastic responsibility, good luck and see you soon...

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