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Who's Who in British Climbing contains nearly 700 mini biographies of climbers - the romantics, eccentrics and buffoons that have made British Climbing what it is: dissolute and hungover most of the time, with the odd unexpected burst of brilliance.

They form a world class cast of eccentrics ranging from the most virtuous to the most hedonistically barbarous characters one could ever hope to meet. There are the usual sprinkling of psychotic nut jobs, consummate show-offs and infuriatingly brilliant athletes.The selection of folk gracing the pages has been anything but scientifically objective. The intention has been to include anyone who was born in Britain who happened to do something significant or interesting anywhere, not just in the UK.

'I think it's brilliant and what a huge amount of work/research you've put in. It's a good laugh but there are also a lot of useful nuggets of information. Naturally I immediately turned to my entry and I must say I think you've been very fair and accurately and humorously catch how I'm perceived by my fellow climbers and at the same time you are kind enough to give me credit where it is due. As the great Tom Patey said, 'It's much better to be laughed at than ignored'. It's all a great read and at the same time very useful.' Sir Chris Bonington

'This is a book that no enlightened mountain book collector should be without, and any household with climbers should have to hand. It reinvigorates new lines of interest and enquiry. Wells has been a tireless researcher and his commentaries I found delightful, inspiring, infuriating and enlightening in equal measure.' Ken Wilson

Who's Who in British Climbing: Bite-sized biographies of dead climbers - and some that are still alive

  • author: Colin Wells
  • publisher: The Climbing Company 2008, 1st edition, 575p., paperback
  • ISBN: 9780955660108
  • size: 21x14.8cm
The Climbing Company

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