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Glossary - UIAA close

The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation is the leading international representative body for climbers and works to promote thier interests including safty standards in climbing gear. The UIAA Safety Commission works closely with the industry to develop standards to minimise accidents caused by equipment failure.

A certified piece of mountaineering and climbing equipment carries a UIAA Safety Label, which indicates the equipment’s compliance with the UIAA standards. The UIAA first started to test ropes in 1960 and now has standards for 20 different categories of safety equipment, including helmets, harnesses and crampons.

The Grivel Speedy Ice Screw

The Speedy Ice Screw from Grivel offers several advantages over a conventional or standard ice screw. The most important of these advantages is the built in sling and snap gate that in effect means the ice screw comes with a quickdraw. This has several advantages. Firstly there is the weight aspect. If you carry 8 quickdraws of two karabiners each for your eight ice screws then by using the Speedy ice screws you have immediately saved yourself having to carry eight of those karabiners. There is also the extra fact that you can clip yourself to the Speedy after only a few turns of the screw (so you are safer, faster) and when you are removing the Speedy the screw can remain clipped to the rope so there is less chance of losing it if you drop it. These two things alone make the Speedy significantly different from its competition.

There are also some other, smaller features that make the Speedy highly functional. The handle is easy to use, making winding and unwinding a doddle. The protector for the tip of your screw when removed becomes part of the winding handle, thus ensuring you don’t lose the screw head protector (often a problem) after you’ve taken it off and started climbing.

The Grivel Speedy is therefore an excellent and innovative ice screw that is well worth considering for pure water ice climbing over many competitor ice screws that are out there.

  • Grivel Helix ice screw
  • Reverse angled threads for better holding power
  • 20cm sling ready attached
  • Made in Italy
SizeColourWeightStrengthCE ratedUIAA rated
12 cm Red    
16 cm Black    
20 cm Yellow    


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