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Last Updated: 13/04/2011
Glossary - Oeko-Tex close

Oeko-Tex (the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology) is an organisation based in Switzerland which has produced a number of standards to ensure confidence in textiles for manufacturers and consumers. All testing for the standards is conducted by a network of 15 independent labs across the world.

There are currently three levels of certification. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 covers the use of harmful substances in textiles, Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 covers damaging production facilities and Oeko-Tex Standard 100+ is the ultimate level of certification requiring that a product meets both of the other standards.

Glossary - Pertex Quantum GL close

Quantum GL is the most advanced fabric Pertex have ever made and is a natural evolution of their award-winning Quantum fabric. Precisely woven using incredibly fine 10 denier or less yarns, this family of fabrics are nanolight at less than 25g/m², a full 20% lighter than the original Quantum.

Despite its minimal weight, it is soft, completely windproof and cannot be punctured by down. It also has the smallest packing volume of any Pertex fabric.

Glossary - YKK close

YKK is a Japanese group of manufacturing companies and is the world's largest zipper manufacturer with a reputation for reliable and durable build quality in their zips. It was founded in 1934 by Mr Yoshida and known as Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha.

Today YKK produces zippers for everything from handbags to wetsuits as well as many other fasteners. They are at the forefront of innovation in fastener design and will generally last longer than similar non-branded designs.

Hydrophobic Down Collection

This product is part of our Hydrophobic Down Collection. Check out the full range.

The Rab Infinity 300 Down Sleeping Bag

The Infinity 300 is a super-lightweight sleeping bag made from Pertex's lightest fabric, Pertex Quantum GL, filled with Rab's highest quality 850 fill European goose down. This combination gives the bag an amazing fill weight to total weight ratio, less than 350g of fabric and fasteners are used to contain 300g of down. The Quantum GL even meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which ensures it is produced safely from a human ecology perspective.

An all new Trapezoidal vertical baffle system, with Flowgate technology that has been uniquely customised for Rab, is used to provide very efficient warmth and the best possible use for the down. The proportionally assigned differential cut means the down can loft to its full potential and visibly rises when you take the bag from the stuff sac minimising 'dead-space' in the bag.

The Infinity 300 is an ideal companion for anyone who wants maximum warmth for minimum weight whether for lightweight backpacking, adventure racing, mountain marathons or for very lightweight mountaineering expeditions.

  • Trapezoidal vertical baffle system using Insotect Flow technology, specially customised for Rab to control down
  • Mummy taper shape
  • Proportionally assigned differential cut
  • ½ length YKK 5 coil main zip
  • Anti-snag webbing tape on zip baffle
  • Internal collar and hood drawcord for increased comfort
  • Angled footbox
  • Supplied with stuff sac (27g) and cotton storage sac
  • Hand filled in Derbyshire UK
  • Fabric: 25g/m² 11D Pertex Quantum GL (100% nylon)
  • Insulation: 300g (850 fill power) European white goose down with Hydrophobic treatment


Brand Model Weight Fill
Temp Rating
(EN 13537)
Rab Andes 1000 1625g 1000g 800 -17°C /-27°C /-49°C 195 x 75 x 57 cm
Rab Andes 800 1410g 800g 800 -13°C /-22°C /-43°C 195 x 75 x 57 cm
Rab Andes 800w 1395g 800g 800 -13°C /-22°C /-43°C 180 x 73 x 59 cm
ME Snowline SL 1315g 800g 850 -9°C / -17°C / -37°C 212 x 76 x 54 cm
ME Helium 800 1295g 800g 725 -4°C / -11°C / -30°C 212 x 76 x 50 cm
Rab Ascent 700 1290g 700g 650 -2°C / -8.5°C / -27°C  
ME Lightline SL 1225g 650g 850 -6°C / -13°C / -32°C 212 x 76 x 54 cm
ME Helium 600 1080g 600g 725 -1°C / -7°C / -23°C 212 x 76 x 50 cm
Rab Womens Neutrino Endurance 600 1080g 600g 800 -3°C / -9.5°C / -28°C 190 x 70 x 52 cm
Rab Ascent 500 1090g 500g 650 1°C / -4.5°C / -22°C  
ME Womens Helium 600 1055g 600g 725 -1°C / -7°C  / -23°C 197 x 74 x 49 cm
Rab Neutrino 600 1030g 600g 800 -5°C / -12°C / -31°C 190 x 70 x 52 cm
ME Helium 400 860g 400g 725  4°C / -2°C / -18°C 212 x 76 x 50 cm
Rab Infinity 500 843g 500g 850 -3°C / -9°C / -28°C 190 x 70 x 52 cm
Rab Ascent 300 840g 300g 650  6.5°C / 1.5°C /-13°C  
ME Womens Helium 400 835g 400g 725  4°C / -2°C / -18°C 197 x 74 x 49 cm
Rab Neutrino 400 820g 400g 800  2°C / -4°C / -20°C 190 x 70 x 52 cm
Rab Neutrino 400w 815g 400g 800  2°C / -4°C / -20°C 175 x 68 x 54 cm
Rab Infinity 300 625g 300g 850  4°C / -1°C / -17°C 190 x 70 x 52 cm
Rab Neutrino 200 595g 200g 800  7°C / 2°C  / -13°C 190 x 70 x 52 cm
Haglöfs L.I.M Down +1 473g
800  6°C / 1°C  / -13°C 195 cm long

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