Crow GTX

In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 7
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 8
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 8.5
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 9
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 9.5
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 10
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 10.5
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 11
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In Stock Cactus/Sulphur Spring UK 11.5
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Glossary - Gore-Tex close

Gore-Tex is a unique tissue paper thin microporous membrane, which contains over 9 million pores per square inch. Each pore is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, yet some 700 times bigger than a moisture vapour molecule. This gives the fabric excellent levels of waterproofness and breathability.

The outer face of the Gore-Tex fabric is coated with a hydrophobic DWR (Durable Water Repellency) treatment which encourages surface water to bead up and run off. This improves the wet weather performance of the garment and promotes breathability by preventing wetting-out of the outer face.

Glossary - Vibram close

Vitale Bramani developed the first Vibram rubber outsoles after the deaths of six of his friends in the Alps. In 1937 the first units were patented and launched. Today the yellow logo is found on everything from rock climbing shoes to high altitude mountaineering boots. Vibram remains the most recognised and respected manufacturer of outdoor footwear outsoles in the world and is renowned for the stickiness and durability of its products.

Salewa Crow GTX Walking Boot

The Salewa Crow GTX is an excellent modern summer mountaineering boot with a crampon compatible Vibram Mulaz Sole. For summer alpine it'll be great, but also for scrambling and winter walking in the UK. Fabric uppers keep the weight down and resist abrasion, with a Gore-Tex liner for waterproof performance. A full rubber rand adds extra protection in scree and on rocky scrambles.

  • Weight: 1320g (approx per pair size 8)
  • Lightweight mountaineering boot
  • Crampon compatible
  • B2 rating
  • Climbing Lacing right down to the toe
  • Protective rubber rand
  • Insole: stiff nylon with 27% fibreglass
  • Upper: 1.6mm suede
  • Lining: Gore-Tex Extended Comfort
  • Outsole: Vibram New Mulaz

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