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Last Updated: 24/02/2016
Glossary - 3 sigma close

Three sigma (or 3σ) is a statistical rule that states that for a data set with a normal distribution (with most of the values close to the average and very few being at the extremes) nearly all values will lie within 3 standard deviations of the mean. In effect this says that by performing this statistical function you can account for 99.73% of all values.

It is impossible to test climbing equipment destined for shops to destruction, for obvious reasons. Traditionally most climbing manufacturers used a fairly arbitrary system of: testing a few from every batch, taking the average, knocking 10% off. If that was higher than the expected strength, the batch was ok. With three sigma testing you can extrapolate from just a few results that 99.73% of a batch will fall between two known values, with the other 0.27% at the extremes.

This then means that 99.865% of a batch is equal to or higher than a known value. In most cases climbing equipment exceeds the stated strength anyway, making the statistical chance of one product out of a tested batch failing below the stated strength negligible. DMM were the first climbing company to implement three sigma testing, but Wild Country and Black Diamond have now followed suit.

The Wild Country Astro Karabiner

The new Astro weighs in at only 29 grams making it Wild Country's lightest ever biner. The Astro’s technology combines plenty of strength with a distinctive design that keeps up the downward momentum of weight loss. It is small, but built to sit perfectly in the hand its size and remain easy to use. Built with our easy clip Techwire wiregate and skinny, safe, hooded nose it is perfect for super slick clipping. The Astro is a hyperlight, high performance 'biner that weighs less but gives more.

  • Weight: 29g
  • Techwire gate
  • 7075 alloy
  • 3 sigma tested
  • Proof loaded to 10kN
  • Inspected by hand
Gate Closed
Gate Open
Across Gate
Edelrid Nineteen G 19.5g Wire 20 kN 7 kN 7 kN 17mm
DMM Phantom 25.5g Wire 23 kN 9 kN 7 kN 22mm
Wild Country Astro 29g Wire 24 kN 7 kN 7 kN 25mm
DMM Chimera 30g Wire 23 kN 9 kN 7 kN 22mm
DMM Alpha Light 32g Wire 23 kN 9 kN 7 kN 25mm
DMM Spectre 33g Wire 24 kN 9 kN 8 kN 25mm
Wild Country Helium 33g Wire 24 kN 10 kN 7 kN 27mm
Wild Country Nitro 35g Wire 24 kN 9 kN 7 kN 27mm
Wild Country Wild Wire II 38g Wire 29 kN 10 kN 8 kN 26.5mm
Wild Country Wild Wire 42g Wire 25 kN 9 kN 8 kN 24mm
DMM Shadow Bent 43g Solid 24 kN 10 kN 9 kN 25mm
DMM Shadow Straight 43g Solid 24 kN 10 kN 9 kN 20mm
Wild Country Proton Straight 47g Solid 24 kN 9 kN 8 kN 22mm
Wild Country Proton Bent 47g Solid 24 kN 9 kN 8 kN 22mm
DMM Revolver 51g Wire 24 kN 9 kN 7 kN 24mm
DMM Ultra O 61g Solid 25 kN 7 kN 12 kN 24mm
Wild Country

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