The annual Outside Crag Clean Up pulled in an amazing haul this year

The annual Outside Crag Clean Up took place last month and we pulled in an amazing haul, thanks to the litter picking efforts of staff, customers and our friends at the BMC, Wild Country and Alpkit. As usual we never know whether to be more gratified at all the hard work that results in a cleaner Peak, or horrified at the appalling ethics of Some People.

Early morning haul

James and Hood started the day out well with an initial sweep of known fly-tipping spots before the shop opened. They brought in a motorbike which someone had kindly cut in half before they threw it down the hill and a huge pile of jars and tins of out of date pickles and chutneys, clearly dumped by a restaurant owner who couldn’t be bothered to pay waste disposal bills. If we could only find out which one, we’d be tempted to go dump it back on their tables.


We love a good before and after picture

Throughout the day, the pile grew as members of staff and customers came in and dropped off more rubbish. However, as in previous years, it was apparent that climbers are not the main culprits, as the crags remain clear. The most obvious places are car parks, laybys and roadsides where people out for a drive throw their takeaway containers and plastic drinks bottles.

Soggy but unbowed

Still, once the clean up was complete the celebrations began, and despite a moderately grim day the weather cleared in time for a great barbecue. Not only was there food and beer for around forty people, but Wild Country provided amazing spot prizes and sent people home with racks of nuts, a full set of hexes and chalk bags, too.

A special shout out here to Ian from Wild Country who drove all the way from Llanberis to join in and then had to run off home before he got fed! We’d also like to thank our buddies Alpkit from up the road for providing the barbecue technology and a big wave to the BMC for getting the word out so effectively and joining in with such enthusiasm.

Crag Clean Up 2017 was one of the best yet. It’s so great to see you all it’s almost worth all the rubbish.


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