Ines Papert - Harbin Roadshow: On 19th November one of world's best ice climbers is giving lecture at Outside

Ines Papert: Harbin Roadshow
Outside are excited to be hosting one of only four lectures in the UK from Ines Papert on her Harbin Roadshow lecture tour across Europe. Tickets are available here and are priced just £4.00.

When: Monday 19th November at 7pm
Where: Outside Hathersage, Café

©Franz Walter

Ines Papert is one of the world's best ice climbers. She has been Ice Climbing World Champion in difficulty four times and has won three World Cup Overall Titles. She was the first woman to climb M11 with her ascent of Mission Impossible. She is no slouch on rock either having climbing 8a on the Eiger's north face and 8b on the Grande Cima.

The expedition into Papert’s world takes 90 minutes. She talks about conquering summits as well as about failures, about friendship and loneliness, hardships and moments of pure bliss – a capturing presentation illustrated by spectacular imagery and video.

Ines talks about her climbing highlights, but also about her personal development: she has grown from a successful competitive climber to an accomplished mountaineer and alpinist, who seeks out new challenges and fresh experiences like the Harbin climbs.

©Franz Walter

Uniquely this lecture will include coverage of Ines' time in Harbin, China where she was granted special permission to climb on the works presented at the international Ice and Snow Festival. Every year during winter cold winds from Siberia cool the northern city to temperatures as low as -35°C which creates the perfect environment for ice sculptures on an epic scale.

Entire buildings are replicated with 2-3 foot blocks of ice taken from the nearby Songhua river and the 'City of Ice' is illuminated with bright, colourful lights at night. The festival is one of the largest of its kind in the world and attracts visitors from across the world.

Although technically not as challenging as her other exploits, climbing at Harbin created a very special atmosphere and experience for all involved. German photographer Franz Walter documented her time there climbing on the world's most surreal ice routes with a series of incredible photographs.


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