MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016

Outdoor Dad

Were you brought up outdoors? Maybe you remember your first time up the Pyg track on your Dad’s shoulders, or your first go at climbing outside with the family. Or maybe it’s something you discovered for yourself and your parents are a little bemused by your outdoor obsessions.

With Fathers’ Day coming up we’ve had a trawl through the Outside site and come up with ideas for Dads of every stripe. Which one’s yours?

Indoor Dad

Mystified by the outdoors and your apparently insatiable need to scale rocks and mountains. Can’t understand why you don’t enjoy watching football and/or doing your nails.

Unforgettable Walks Julia Bradbury's Unforgettable Walks £16.99

A name he'll know off the telly, a cracking good read and perhaps even some inspiration.

"To accompany her primetime ITV series, Best Walks with a View, Julia Bradbury takes us on eight of the UK's best-loved walks, showcasing the beauty of Britain and navigating the reader through the sights and sounds, the flora and fauna and the past and present of eight fascinating and relaxing paths, all of them well-trodden but still full of discoveries waiting to be made, including some excellent pubs."

Tilley Hats from £64.00

The Rolls Royce of hats. Any of these Tilley hats will keep the sun off equally well whether you're out walking or sitting in the back garden.

Comes with precision fit, a lifelong guarantee, insurance against loss, outstanding sun protection and plenty of airflow around the head. And Indiana Jones style points.

men's socks

Socks. From £13.99

Because who doesn't love new socks?

Mostly Retired Dad

Introduced you to the great outdoors, is full of tall tales about his exploits and embarrassing ones about yours when you were a nipper. Doesn’t know whether to be proud of you or jealous; either way he stopped trying when you started burning him off all those years ago.

GSI Commuter Javapress

GSI Commuter Javapress  £26.00

For those rests on the trail - the nifty Commuter Javapress keeps your luxurious French Press coffee warm on walks or car journeys. Add a sit mat and he's got a portable café in his rucksack.

Black Diamond Trail Poles £70.00

If he hasn’t tried walking poles yet, it’s time he (and you) did. Be kind to your knees. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Peak District Pub WalksPeak District Pub Walks Top 10 Walks: £5.99

"This attractive and cleverly structured guide gives walkers ten of the best walks to the finest pubs and inns in the Peak District National Park in a popular pocketable format. With clear information, an overview and introduction for each walk, expertly written numbered directions, large scale Ordnance Survey maps, superb, eye-grabbing panoramic photographs, and interpretation of points of interest along the way, these guides set a new standard in clarity and ease-of-use."

men's socks

Socks. From £13.99

Because everybody needs socks.

Superfit Dad

Irritatingly hale and hearty, he's still leading the way on every expedition. He's climbed it at least once before, and he probably did it before it had bolts in.

Wild Country Superlight Offset RocksWild Country Superlight Offset Rocks: £45.00

Get him to finally retire those MOACs!

Ocun Crack Gloves £30.00

Outside's father and son team Turnbull recently tried out the latest in crack climbing gloves and were quickly converted; see the review here.

Peak District Through the LensPeak District Through the Lens: £23.95

Just added to the Outside books collection, this spectacular photography book offers a different perspective on the Peak District. A beautiful guidebook to over 80 of the most picturesque locations in the Peak District and surrounding areas, with photography tips and stunning shots to pore over together.

men's socks

Socks. From £13.99

You can never have too many...

MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016
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